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Everyone who uses a car on the motorway should keep it in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test checks that vehicles meet the Highway Agencies standards. The first MOT test for a vehicle is required when it’s three years old. There are different rules if it’s used as a taxi.

The MOT certificate

The MOT certification authenticates that at the performance tuning, the automobile meets the minimum level of environmental standards. The certification also confirms that the car qualifies the minimum level of road safety standards that are specified by law. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the automobile is secure for utilising on the road for the period of time the certificate is issued. The test doesn’t analyse the engine and clutch. The testing of the gearbox is also not included in the MOT, so these are things to consider when booking your MOT.


What the MOT test includes

The MOT looks at some important items on your car to see that they meet key legal requirements at the time of test.

The body and vehicle structure

Is not effected from depreciation or corrosion at specific spots and there are no sharp ends that may injure the person.

The fuel System

Fuel cap closes and adjusts safely. The fuel cap is also checked in the test by adjusting the key to ensure the cap works properly. You should provide the keys.

The exhaust emissions

Functions properly, without any leaks that may affect the performance of the automobile and the silencer works efficiently.

The exhaust system

Is secure, complete, without serious leaks and silences effectively.

The seat belts

All belts installed are checked for type, condition, operation and security. The analysis also carries out the compulsory test to identify that the belts are in place.

The seats

The front seats are functional. Front and rear seats are in the proper location.


Components to be inspected

The doors

The doors close securely in the proper position. Front doors should open from inside and outside the vehicle. The doors must open perfectly when the passengers utilize them from inside or outside. Back doors might need to be tested to reach the functioning objects.

The brakes

Their condition, functionality and quality check (competency check). Reminder, the disassembling of the car tyres is not included in the test.

The wipers and washers

Function to provide the driver a clean perspective of the highway.

The windscreen

State and view from windscreen for driver.

Load security

Boot or tailgate can be secured in the closed position.

The mirrors

The minimum numbers are on the vehicle, their condition and security.

The horn

Functions properly and is of an adequate type.

The steering and suspension

They are in a competent state and functionality.

The vehicle identification number (VIN)

Is placed on automobiles utilized since first August ninety eighty. No more than a single VIN is fixed on the car excluding multi-level built automobiles.

The tyres and wheels

Their condition, security, size, type and tread depth. Spare tyres are not inspected.

The registration plates

Their condition, security, characters correctly formed and spaced.


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Our testing centre has designated test bays and a viewing area where you are able to watch the test carried out, or you can relax in our reception area with a refreshment. All MOT testers are Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) trained and their test results are checked regularly.

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