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Autoclinics carry a massive range of budget and branded tyres in stock and provide a fast, efficient fitting service. Appointments are not necessary, however if you would like to check the availability of your tyre please call us on 01494 450 058.



If your car pulls to one side or if its steering wheel resonates, you are in a need of wheel alignment. Your might have to consistently adjust the steering wheel to keep your car moving in straight direction many driving issues can be alleviated by the four wheel alignment.

Having a four wheel alignment check should be part of any responsible motorists servicing procedure. By having your vehicle checked annually or every 15,000 miles you can:

Reduce Tyre Wear

If the wheels are not aligned adequately they may create premature wear in the tyre. Over the number of years well aligned wheels can increase thousands of miles to the life of your car’s tyres.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption reduces when the tyre doesn’t have to drag. Wheel alignment configures all the wheels into parallel direction, which coupled with adequate tyre pressure reduces the drag on the tyres. For helpful advise please call us on 01494 450 058 or call into Autoclinics.


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